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RapidThem, Inc. located in Chandler, Arizona specializes in the manufacture of environmental test chambers.

Our design provides for an energy efficient single zone chamber utilizing a patented thermal storage system to achieve extremely fast air temperature change rates. Our chambers can be used for thermal shock testing with the advantage of no basket transfer system and no liquid nitrogen requirement.

Fast Change Rate Chambers
RapidTherm offers the advantage of a single zone chamber design that can
perform thermal shock testing without moving the device under test.
Performs to MIL STD 202, 883 & JEDEC Requirements
Using a patented thermal storage system our chambers can achieve extremely
fast air temperature change rates, more than 60°C per minute depending on
the temperatures, without the use of liquid nitrogen or CO2.
Fast Controlled Ramp Rates
Since the chamber is a single zone, it is also capable of controlling linear ramp
rates of 5°C-30°C per minute depending on starting and ending temperatures.
Reduce Total Test Time
By using the part temperature control combined with high airflow and extremely
fast air temperature change rates the test specimen, can acheive the desired
temperature at much faster rates. This can greatly reduce total test time.
The chamber is also suitable for environmental stress screening (ESS) applications.
US Patent Numbers 66161391 & US6460355B1

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